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This presentation is not intended to be a guitar lesson, but instead supplemental material to help my guitar students when practicing.

The examples here are in the key of C Major.
The Major Scale "Formula" demonstrates the relationships, or intervals,   between the notes in the scale. These relationships/intervals won't change in all 12 major keys.  
The layout of the notes won't change as we moves to other keys. Adjustment with sharps and flats will be needed.

The Major Scale "Formula"

C Major in the Open Position


The Triads within the scale


The guitar neck familiarization

The benefit of playing the same scale from a different position is that you can play a greater range of the scale by moving to another "position". Learning to play the notes of a scale with different patterns will help you familiarizing yourself with the guitar neck.

The C Major scale will be played in the following positions:
2nd Position,
3rd Position,
5th Position,
7th Position,
8th Position.


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